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News - It's a Winner!


I received some good news the other day, the pattern I submitted to the "MoodyJungle" challenge was selected as the winning design! Printed Village sponsors four to five monthly challenges for surface designers. Each design brief provides the theme, a few guidelines and/or restrictions plus an inspiration board to get you thinking in the right direction.

I made a conscience decision this year to participate in more of these type of competitions.  It's a good way to stay active in the community, to get your work out to more folks while building a portfolio and with any luck, perhaps sign a contract and take home the cash prize.

This particular design as shown is rendered in an alternate color scheme which I submitted in addition to my original. Funny how those minor decisions can have a huge impact...

I'm looking forward to taking next steps with the manufacturer. My design will be printed on a scarf and will be presented to various retailers for inclusion in next seasons accessories launch. I am currently evaluating the scale at which to print the design and will be working with the art director at Printed Village to finalize my submission before sending it off to production. 

Below are printed samples of the pattern design rendered at different scales... stay tuned!




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