At Sarah B. it begins with the philosophy that we can make a difference.

It starts by incorporating better materials such as natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and hand printing our designs using eco-friendly water based inks.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact by making thoughtful decisions as they relate to our materials and construction processes.

Our small accessories and bag linings are made using fabric remnants - a great means of reducing our waste.

These choices reflect our core values - that however small, we have a responsibility to "do our part”

We understand that by embracing a slow, more sustainable approach, our methods may not reflect the least expensive nor fastest route in which to bring product to market however we believe it results in a better quality product overall.

At Sarah B. we place emphasis on the art of making and we celebrate the skills required to do so.

News - REDUX and Kickstarter Update

Redux Collection

You know the expression "You don't know what you don't know" This has quickly become my mantra....

With the fabric launch, I expected production delays. I expected pricing issues. I expected having to negotiate better rates, fees, shipping costs etc. What I did not anticipate is having to completely abandon my original choice of manufacturer this late into the process to start all over again. Yup...This was a difficult decision as I received great customer service and support from the factory. At the end of the day, production issues (quality) and price lead me to seek out another source to produce yardage. I am happy to report I have partnered with another factory-a photo of sample yardage is shown above. This is all happening while I am also pulling together details of my Kickstarter campaign...

I am nearing the final steps of preparing my Kickstarter campaign. A very critical step is a cost analysis to determine your overall funding requirement. To do this I needed to have a handle on not only the production costs for yardage (above) and any known upfront project costs but also any costs associated with contributor rewards. Then add in the Kickstarter fee and bank processing fees and you arrive at your total raise prediction. Holy cow...I almost fell off my chair! The required funds needed combined with the predicted number of backers I would have to attract to my project, left me feeling overwhelmed and a bit disheartened.


I seriously contemplated ditching both projects. I could not see past the big $$ and could not imagine that many total strangers would be interested in funding my project. Fortunately this coincided with a vacation break to Cape Cod where I took some time to regroup and organize my thoughts.

Ultimately I realized it was more important to me to at least try than to walk away from both projects. Succeed or fail, I would regret not having pushed forward despite my fear (of not succeeding) However to make the "math" work, I had to scale back on my initial start-up "Wish List". I am also limiting the backer reward offerings. These two steps will make the overall raise projection less daunting and if successfully funded, will make the fulfillment on my end more manageable.
My campaign video is just about finished, we have one more round of edits. I've included a quick "Out Take" clip below.

Barring any other unforeseen issues, my Kickstarter will launch on September 7th. Yipee! I'll be sending more frequent updates as the date approaches

Desktop Wallpaper - August

News - The #100DayProject