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News - The #100DayProject

I am on Day 95! I had no idea when I started, if I could keep up the daily ritual-it has been a big commitment but I am determined to finish now with only 5 days remaining. The continued practice has made a noticeable difference in my skill set as well as my confidence. I have posted a new drawing everyday-the good, the bad and the ugly. Posting even those drawings I was not 100% happy with has proven invaluable. We are our own worst critic. As it happens, several drawings which in my mind were less than perfect, were in fact some of my more popular posts on Instagram.

I had the opportunity the other week to go thru and scan some of the drawings from the series and realized I had sketched quiet a few floral motifs, enough to pull together a new calendar. The above is an overview of the year - I am still tweaking some of the background colors and need to proof read but it's looking like I'll be able to offer this in my web store starting late September. I'll keep you posted once the listing is available.

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