News - 2019 Desktop Calendar


Introducing my new 2019 desktop calendar!

There are 12 original designs - plus a front and back cover, inspired by my travel adventure to Spain and Morocco.

Patterns are a loose interpretation of Islamic geometric design - directly influenced by the Moorish palaces built in and around Marrakesh, Granada and Seville.

The 12 monthly pages are printed on recycled card stock using archival, high quality inks. Each page includes a convenient center hole punch for hanging. Packaged in a clear cello sleeve.

Pages measure 5" x 7"

Orders will include a small wooden easel. The easel is approximately 5" high.

Order HERE

New - Just A Card Campaign

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.59.53 AM.png

Earlier this month I participated in the "Just A Card" campaign. In case you missed it, Just A Card is a grassroots movement led by artists, makers and small businesses to spread awareness and support for independent shops this holiday season.

"If everyone that complemented our beautiful gallery had purchased just one card, we'd still be open today"

Complements mean the world however it is your purchases that help keep the small business in your community up and running. Please do your part - all it takes is just one card, one book, one print, one small gift to make a difference. THANK YOU!

Discover - "I can't draw"

"I can't draw” - Perhaps this was you at some point during your youth. As we transition from an adolescent to teenager something happens that makes most of us, shy away from drawing, worried our skills will not measure up. We begin to judge our drawings from the culturally limiting framework that drawing is "Art" and art is "reserved" for artistic and creative types.

Mistaking drawing for art is embedded in our way of thinking thus as a society we seem to be missing the point. Drawing is a way of observing the world around us.

Drawing makes us slow down, be patient and pay attention. The author DB Dowd argues "We have misfiled the significance of drawing because we see it as a professional skill instead of a personal capacity."

The truth is, anyone can draw - drawing is nothing more than mark making (i.e. doodling) Drawing is our way of documenting what we see, it does not need to fit any specific style, after all you are just putting pencil to paper.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.42.42 PM.png

News - #100dayproject

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.35.25 PM.png

Every year I like to challenge myself to one project which intentionally pushes the boundary of my skills. This year I embarked on a #100dayproject where I committed to drawing in a sketchbook for 100 days and agreed to share "the good and the bad" on Instagram.

I do not consider myself someone who is "good at drawing" I am intimidated by the proverbial "blank page" especially in a sketchbook where your marks are permanent (of course you can rip out and the prospect of sharing my work which is "less than perfect" left me feeling hugely vulnerable. However setting fear aside, I took the leap and for the most part I enjoyed the test.

I discovered 100 days is a tad to long for my attention span, I actually completed 95 days (and not necessarily consecutive days, although never had more than a 2 day gap) Yup only 5 days shy of finishing and I totally lost interest, what can I say...(big shoulder shrug)

I started this project back in March and (mostly) finished up in early July. I thought you might enjoy learning a bit about my final experience. Above are a few of my favorites

News - New Products?

Invitation Card & Envelope.jpg

Currently I sell hand printed note cards at local shows only. I am wondering if I should be adding these to my online offering?! Is this something you'd like to see?

I'd love to offer a wider variety of my pattern designs. Block/screen printing multiple colors is always not practical hence these new patterns would be digitally printed. There is a greater upfront investment on my end (which I am totally on board with) however I question if there is enough interest to go down that road...I'd love to hear your comments!


News - Feature in Little U!

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Did you know I have a feature/mention in the new publication by UPPERCASE magazine. It’s an adorable book filled with a variety of maker stories called Little U.

There are loads of beautiful images to accompany each story. The publisher describes it as an “occasional magazine for the young at heart” My story can be found in the readers section where I share a fond memory from my childhood as it relates to a favorite art supply- in my case crayons!

Little U is not just for kids - it explores making, designing, illustrating and living creatively with children. Highlighted throughout the pages are various illustrated books, surface pattern design, clothing and product design for young folk, as well as arts/crafts inspired by and/or made for children.