News - July Screen Saver Collection


Woot! Woot! Here's to summer time fun and what's more fun than bananas! Fun Fact - Did you know bananas float in water? Yup so do apples and watermelons.

This new pattern is from my travel collection- the courtyard where we stayed in Morocco was filled with fruit trees, including a banana tree! Every month I will publish a FREE screen saver collection which will include a desktop calendar as well as a smart phone background. 

Click HERE to download the desktop calendar

Click HERE to download the smart phone background

Want to know what else has been happening? Below is a quick snapshot of the past month

Photo Jun 18, 9 59 49 AM.jpg

If you'd like to follow along and learn more about of what I have working on you can check out my feed on Instagram. You can follow Sarah B. HERE and Makers Tableau HERE


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