Inspiration - Today's Public Service Announcement


With the pressures of the holiday season approaching, today's "public service announcement" is BE KIND TO YOURSELF

-Halfway to work you realize you left all the house lights on. Yesterday you forgot to make your kids lunch, you didn't even remember lunch money! Traffic is horrible and you're late to your meeting (again!)

Are you in a constant state of "rushing"? Do you feel inadequate and/or frustrated because you are unable to complete all of the items on your "To Do" list?

Instead of focusing on what you were not able to do, take a deep breath, slow down and celebrate all the things you were able to complete!

These victories, especially the tiny wins often go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Stop being relentlessly hard on yourself.

-You made it to the gym this week - not once but twice! You ate a healthy breakfast and managed to grab a fruit snack instead of the office pastry/doughnut. You made time for a friend who is going thru a tough period.

Take a moment to remind yourself that it's OK - you're doing a great job!