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Hand screen printed with natural materials

Design - Screen Printing 101

I have long admired screen printing. I love the crisp image that results from the process. I love that by layering translucent ink, you create a third unique color where the original two colors overlap. Screen printing also allows for a consistent print result and multiples/volume prints are more easily achieved.

I have been feeling very "comfortable" with my block printing and decided I was ready to "take the plunge" into setting up my own screen printing space. The first challenge was how to make my own transparencies and how to burn my own screens (I do not have a dark room nor an exposure unit) After much searching I located a company that will handle both these steps - I send in my own original artwork, sized to the screen I want use for printing purposes and they send me back a fully processed screen ready for ink. I successfully pulled my first few prints and I am looking forward to doing more.

Design - New Patterns

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