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Inspiration - #52weeksofprint

When I first started my year long project #52weeksofprint, it never occurred to me that I would experience periods of boredom and would feel unmotivated. The month of July was a struggle to complete.

I've realized I was uninspired by this month theme "Shapes". Oddly enough I was excited when I first selected the prompt for the month but as I actually sat down to create, I felt nothing.

To combat this boredom, I found other more interesting creative projects on which to focus. I suppose it's normal to experience moments where ideas just flow and others where a blank page endlessly stares back at you. Make no mistake, I was plenty creative and was able to accomplish a lot however my energy towards #52weeksofprint was waning.  

In addition to not "feeling" this month theme perhaps to some degree, I have learned all there is to learn. That is to say, I've learned all I am able to teach myself.

I have been using a soft-cut rubber material for all of my carvings. I know there is only so much detail you can carve with this particular medium. I should perhaps as the project continues, look into carving more complex designs using linoleum. Linoleum will allow much finer detail plus I can explore new tools which are required to be successful with this type of block.

Finally, I am already beginning to explore screen printing and love it. I think I will redefine the original scope of my project by expanding it to include more complex designs using linoleum as well as screen printing. These two medium may require a bit more time to complete so rather than creating a new design every week, I will allow 2-3 weeks for each depending on the actual design and printing technique.

The beauty of creating you own project, is that you get to change the "rules" You can follow along on Instagram for daily updates.


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