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Inspiration - What if you did'nt quit

NEW - Swim wear inspired patterns available for license

NEW - Swim wear inspired patterns available for license

What if you didn't quit? If there is one thing "universally true" about human nature, it is that we tend to give up to quickly. It's far easier to just "throw in the towel" especially as compared to doing the actual work.

The emotional ups and downs in search of success, can be enough to derail anyone from their intended path. Just remember, the only steps that really matter are those which allow forward progress. The key is to give yourself a break - recognize and acknowledge all your small accomplishments along the way. Eventually you will have achieved some measure of success on a larger scale.

It’s easier to give up. So we do.

But what if you didn’t?

Who knows where you could be or what you could be enjoying, doing, creating, savoring—five, ten, or fifteen years down the road.... if only you didn't quit.

Decide today to keep going.


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