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#52weeksofprint - Project Update


I am closing out Week 16 of my year long project #52weeksofprint and wanted to highlight a few lessons learned and some favorite new designs.

Since the project inception, I have been documenting my process and progress on Instagram. My initial intention was to post one image every day, specific to the project. Although I have posted daily to my feed, those images are not always directly related to #52weeksofprint. I have been posting other new pattern designs as well and personally I find this mix of subject matter more interesting.

I love using the softer PVC carving blocks but have found small details and a crisp image, are hard to achieve. Larger motifs with less detail have been my more successful prints to date using this particular kind of block. Moving forward I will include more traditional linoleum blocks - these will allow me to do more detail carving work and (hopefully) achieve sharper prints.

I still struggle a bit with ink application. I am not sure if this is specific to the brand of ink, the age of the actual ink (older jars require more upfront mixing) or just "user error" Perhaps it's a combination of all three. In either case, more reading up on technique is needed on my part...

My tools seem to be working fine. The carving handle is comfortable and easy to use. The blades have maintained their sharpness. I have been looking to upgrade and have been coveting a new set of carving tools from Pfeil, made in Switzerland. They are expensive and are on my "watch list" Not sure these will ever go on

Above and below are a few favorite designs from the project to date.

Desktop Wallpaper - June

Desktop Wallpaper - May