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News - February Konmari Update

I decided to tackle my basement storage this month. Of course, not my entire basement, as that would be crazy, just my excess household "domestics".

You know the stuff I am talking about...tableware, glassware and bridal gifts that although were given in the right spirit, are not really practical for the way I currently live.

Here's a few examples of what I found...
  -An electric carving knife, used once - a disaster! Tom does much better carving the turkey with a sharp knife.
  -A punch bowl with eight matching cups, used once at Matty's christening.
  -An electric coffee grinder, never used. Dunkin Donuts is more convenient, plus these days Keurig is my new best friend.
  -Barware..I think I may have had a drinking problem (kidding!) I found 8 Martini glasses and 12 Margarita glasses. I was able to donate my barware to a good cause. You know who you are!


A number of organizations accept household items including the The Salvation Army. The majority of my items (a car loads worth) were donated to Morgan Memorial Goodwill.

Design - "Nespolo " New pattern design

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