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News - 2017 Goals


As mentioned briefly in my newsletter last month, I set aside time in December to reviewing and setting personal, as well as creative goals for 2017. I wanted to share a few highlights.

*     #52weeksofprint - See my post from 1/12.  Link HERE

*     "Find My People" - I need to find more creative and like-minded folks with whom I can share experiences, ideas, education etc. It's often times lonely working by yourself so in addition to the company of new friends, I do need a peer group to offer suggestions and critiques to keep my work more balanced. A second set of eyes will help to broaden my perspective.

*     Learn Basic Photography - I love my iphone and think it takes great images however at the end of the day, it is really a "point and shoot" option. I'm recently received a "real" camera (with ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings) as a very generous gift from my BBF Bonnie. I'm looking forward to taking my photography to the next level.

*     "12 Months of KonMari" - Last year around this time, I read Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" Although not everything she suggests resonated with me, more did than not. As a result, I undertook several projects to dispose of or donate items from around the house. This year I am committing to spending one day a month to decluttering and simplifying. For January I am going thru my clothes closet...Yikes

*     Maintain A Regular Exercise Routine - I discovered a new app called "Aaptiv" and I love it! I've never been much for exercise - I do not enjoy exercise so it's very difficult for me to keep up a regular practice. The app is easy to use, there are several exercise options (I typically select Walk or Elliptical) with different programs that vary the intensity/duration. I like the fact that there is a "coach" through out the workout so you do not feel alone and the music variety is never boring. I am committing to 3 days a week at least 1/2 hour each session. To keep myself accountable, I will include a summary of my exercise activity with each monthly newsletter-nothing crazy detailed, just days missed vs. not. I'm hoping this public declaration will keep me on track.

What are some of your goals for this year? I'd love to hear them. You can follow my journey in more detail on Instagram or you sign up for my newsletter HERE

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