News - Fabric Collection Launch Update


Timing is everything! Seems totally appropriate that I should receive my fabric strike-offs from the manufacturer after having returned from Surtex just last week. I am over the moon excited! It is so satisfying to see your own design rendered onto an actual product.

That said now onto the real thrilled as I am to have real fabric in my hands, there are still several issues that need correction. I am not complaining mind you, just hoping to share a bit more about the process - there are so many details which factor into production.

Scale: The scale for Five Fields as well as for Six Moon Hill still seems a tad too large and does not match the paper printed samples.
Color: The Apricot color for Six Moon Hill did not rendered the same as the others-the color match is off. The Apricot color in general is not exactly as how I envision so back to the color blanket to reselect.
Pattern: The repeat for Conantum prints with an odd black outline in some areas, the manufacturer is not entirely sure why this is happening. The lines do not appear in my original digital file but perhaps in the transfer the file was somehow corrupted. I will resend the files via another method.
Ground Cloth: The Optic White linen base fabric is flawed, throughout the yardage there are random spots which are unacceptable. The manufacturer admittedly has experienced this issue before and is now phasing out this ground cloth as an option. that means I need to choose a different base fabric, I will mostly likely go with a linen/cotton blend.     

Stay tuned as the road to launch continues....