Discover - Theron Humphrey (and Maddie)

I like to think I was one of the first people to discover Theron Humphrey and his loveable coon hound named Maddie.  This was a few years ago via Instagram-his page has since exploded.  Not only does Theron have a huge following, but he is involved in several photography projects outside of photographing (the ever so cute) Maddie. 

It's worth checking out Theron's project ThisWildIdea which documents his current journey- his is a life that is spontaneous, adventurous, and filled with all of the travels anyone could possibly hope for.  I was (and still am) totally enamored by his story and travels with his dog, so much so that one weeknight more that a year ago I made a special trip into Boston for a book signing.  Theron was signing copies of his photo essay-a collection of photos of Maddie "on things" Maddie was of course with him (she is smaller than she looks in photos) I was squeezed in the back corner behind a stack of bookcases and was halfway hidden behind the stairs but it was worth it.  Check out Theron's story and Maddies via some of the channels noted below.  Enjoy and don't forget to share

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Web site: