The Countdown - Has Begun.....

I'm not sure I am actually ready for this but in less than 2 days my new online store will be open for business!

SB Store Opening Ads-03.jpg

It's hard to believe it's actually happening-I am so excited to share what I have created and I'm looking forward to adding even more wonderful products to my shop as time goes on.

It has been a very busy last 3-4 weeks getting "all my ducks in a row". I believe I've done a really great job on the redesign of my web site in general and I am super happy with my new eCommerce solution. The store page is very easy to navigate, as are the checkout and payments features. I love how each product detail allows room for a great description and several images to help tell the story. The images can even be set as a short slideshow. Overall I hope you find it an easy experience. 

I have learned a "ton" throughout this process and I am still learning as I go along. I appreciate all the wonderful words of encouragement and support. Thanks for riding along with me-the journey has just begun.