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Helen Dardick

Helen Dardick

I'm not exactly sure how I discovered Helen Dardick's work-I suspect it was on Pinterest where her work appears quite frequently in my newsfeed.  I have a love of all things bright and colorful, and I totally love how her motifs are illustrated.  Everything is cleanly rendered, no extraneous details needed-just the simple shapes, very mid century modern.  Helen is a surface pattern designer, illustrator and painter.  Helen is "One Lucky Helen" (the name of her web site/blog) as she is represented by the every influential Lila Rogers Studio (sigh!) Helen has definitely raised the bar for all of us pattern designers..can't wait to someday be in the same company!

You can check out Helen's work via the following social media channels.  Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Website: One Lucky Helen

Pinterest: Helen Dardick