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News - We've Rebranded!

After much thought and a fair amount of worry over the timing (not to mention the crazy amount of work involved in creating a new identity) I've decided to re-brand my business. Chapter 2 is now "Sarah B."

As with anything you've put your heart and soul into, it is hard to let go of something you're invested in. I am very passionate about and love what I have created with Chapter 2. However at the end of the day, if something no longer serves it's purpose, perhaps then it is best to quietly let go and move on.

I am not giving up on my dream of running my own small graphic design business-on the contrary, I have however shifted my focus.  I have had the opportunity over the last few years to learn more about what I like and what types of creative projects keep me motivated. My original intent was to pursue more traditional graphic design projects and work with small businesses in helping them identify and grow their branding/marketing strategies.  Although I enjoy this process, it quite honestly, felt too much like "work".

I am constantly looking to expand my skills and "learn new tricks" in an effort to improve my art. This drive to improve, has exposed me to many new creative outlets and means of expression. I have and continue to learn thru various classes and workshops. This exposure has led me to the wonderful world of surface pattern design. 

Surface pattern design allows me complete creative freedom-I choose the motif or theme, the color palette and the final pattern arrangement. There are endless possibilities in terms of design and style-one can not possibly get bored or run out of ideas. 

Surface pattern design is not an easy path to follow as it takes several years to get recognition and requires a lot of upfront work getting your art in front of the right audience of buyers and brokers. This is especially true if you are interested in licensing (which of course I am) but I am in no hurry. This is something I will want to put time into (and with retirement not too far around the corner) I will be able to invest the right amount of attention and detail needed to make this venture successful. 

My pattern designs are evolving as well as my business. I recently completed a course in block printing and discovered that I love it! I am so excited to bring this new dimension to my pattern making. Block printing will allow me to develop more of an artisan or hand made quality to my designs. I hope to offer these new patterns printed on several textiles which would be sewn into various products such a napkins, placemats, aprons, tea towels and scarves.

The name change "Sarah B." is a reflection of where my "head is at" now, as I am "more comfortable in my own skin" so to speak. Chapter 2 was (and still is) the realization of a dream to pursue a more creative life and it's creation allowed me to take that next bold step-to close one chapter in my life and start a new one. "Sarah B." is more about expanding on that same theme. "Sarah B." will be a reflection of my artistic interests with a focus on surface pattern design with that hand made touch. I hope this new passion will be reflected in the art I create.

Two years ago I started a new chapter, today I am ready to actually write the page....


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