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Sareka Unique Designs

Like most small businesses I realize the importance of social media and I do my best to post consistently as well as keep on top of the various pages/feeds etc that I follow.

One of my FB groups recently did a "Sharing Is Caring" post which asked participants to check out each others business pages, "Like" the page then share what you had discovered. I found a few similar hashtags via Instagram (#sharethelove, #sharingiscaring, and #followfriday)

I thought-"What a great idea". There are so many wonderful artists just waiting to be discovered, many of whom I would not be aware of without the benefit of mentions by folks that I follow on social media. 

In keeping with the same theme of "Sharing" as well as "Discovery" I thought it might be nice to add this as a new feature to my weekly blog posts. Once a week I will post images and a short mention about another artist whose work I admire. Some of these artists may already be "famous" but most like me, are looking to break out into the creative world and would so appreciate the support. I hope you too will enjoy their work as much as I do and be inspired.

Sareka Unique Designs

I discovered Sareka's work via a pattern design group on Facebook.  I love her very "unique" somewhat "tribal" take on her motif development and especially like the very bright colors used in her designs.  Please check out Sareka's work via the many channels noted below.  Don't forget to share :)