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Pattern Observer - Instagram Challenge March 2015

Pattern Observer - Instagram Challenge March 2015

It's always so exciting to know that someone likes and/or enjoys something you have created.  Whoa..What?! Someone actually likes the art I have created?! It is especially gratifying if that "someone" is from the industry you are trying to break into and are still very much a "newbie" in the field. 

I have been "putting myself" (my art that is) out into the world as often as I can and in as many places as I can, to gain not just exposure but hopefully some feedback.  Positive feedback is a great indicator you are heading in the right direction.  I am thrilled that Pattern Observer has recognized not one but three of my patterns in a recent blog post!

The patterns which were featured are ones which I had submitted as part of a month long Instagram challenge.  Pattern Observer included these three designs as part of their "favorites" in a recap of the challenge.  Woo Hoo!

Pattern Observer - Instagram Challenge, March 2015