Watercolor Dots Series - New Surface Pattern Design

Watercolor painting is something I hope to get better at over time.  Unfortunately watercolor painting requires a fair degree of patience (time) which I am finding to be somewhat challenging.  With each stroke of the brush not only are you applying actual paint but water as well.  The more water the greater the degree of "puddling"  These wet brush strokes require time to dry before proceeding to the next layer.  I am learning I am impatient and just cant wait to get to the next paint stroke/color.  I love to see how the color combine but the drying time is killing me.. It might be helpful to have more than one watercolor project "on the boards" at a time so I can move from one canvas to the next without any sort of downtime.  I wonder how other watercolor artists are dealing with this? (could just be me...lol)

Watercolor "Dots3" series, available as phone case