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Hand screen printed with natural materials

Watercolor Dots Series - New Surface Pattern Design

I am still learning new tricks in an effort to expand my skill set as an artist. One of the tools I admire but have no skill with- is watercolor painting. I will occasionally pull out my watercolors and "experiment" I am totally drawn to circles/dots, not quite sure why but I believe it's the simplicity of the shape, the fact that it is a closed loop-signifies to me "completeness" Such a simple shape yet with endless possibilities for design.  My venture into watercolor is a bit intimidating-I have no idea what I am doing.  Just putting paint on paper to see what will happen at this point.  This series of watercolor strokes and simple dot collages is my first attempt at a mixed media piece.  I am quite pleased with the results

Watercolor "Dots" available as framed art print

Inspiration - Historic New England

Field of Lilies - New Pattern Design