Watercolor Dots Series - New Surface Patter Design

Working outside your comfort zone is the only way to gauge if you are moving in the right direction. That uncomfortable feeling is a sure sign that you are stretching your abilities and reaching for something new.  I have a somewhat "love hate" relationship with my watercolor paints. I am fearful that I am not good enough, that my shapes/lines will not necessarily "translate" well to others. I know and can understand that a specific "blob" is meant to be (for instance) a leaf shape-but will anyone else appreciate the subtleties? Will a complete stranger realize my vision for a specific piece and embrace what I was hoping to project? How people view art is a funny thing-one person see something wonderful and the next just "doesn't get it" I am fearful that my art will fall into the latter category.  So I practice, practice, practice-watercolor painting requires skill and patience (as noted in an earlier blog post something I struggle with) I hope these first few painting from my "Dots" mixed media series are just the beginning of many more pieces to come

Watercolor "Dots4" series, available as a T-shirt