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Sock It Me To - New Pattern Design

So fun-this pattern reminds me of small pieces of "Chiclets" gum.  I may be dating myself here, but Chiclets gum was "cool" when I was a small child.  My grandmother Combattente always seemed to have packs hidden around the house or in her purse-it was flavored either in mint (or perhaps it was spearmint, I do not remember exactly) or cinnamon.  When you're a kid, a packet of Chiclets gum in your pocket was a sure fire way to ensure you were popular during recess.  Of course, "back then" you were allowed to chew gum in school (and run around, and play, and well generally be a was great to pass out and share with your friends.  How fun would it be to receive a hand written note with this pattern design on the front?

Sock It To Me - "Mod Squares"

Sock It To Me - New Pattern Design

Sock It To Me - New Pattern Design