At Sarah B. it begins with the philosophy that we can make a difference.

It starts by incorporating better materials such as natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and hand printing our designs using eco-friendly water based inks.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact by making thoughtful decisions as they relate to our materials and construction processes.

Our small accessories and bag linings are made using fabric remnants - a great means of reducing our waste.

These choices reflect our core values - that however small, we have a responsibility to "do our part”

We understand that by embracing a slow, more sustainable approach, our methods may not reflect the least expensive nor fastest route in which to bring product to market however we believe it results in a better quality product overall.

At Sarah B. we place emphasis on the art of making and we celebrate the skills required to do so.

English Garden - New Pattern Design

The Victorian period led to garden designers creating intricate flower bed designs that focused on geometric bed shapes teeming with plants of contrasting foliage textures and flower colors. Massed plantings of plants, incorporating annuals, perennials and shrubs, combined to show off the wealth of plant materials being discovered across the world during this era of colonization and exploration

English Garden - New Pattern Design

English Garden - New Pattern Design