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Crown Jewels -New Pattern Design

Jewelry has throughout history served many purposes - as a symbol of love, an expression of recognition and as a token of gratitude to someone you love.  For many early rulers and monarchs, jewelry also symbolized one’s status and power in the world.

Jewelry would often play an important role for many royals as alliances (i.e. marriages) were generally related to hefty ornaments and expensive jewels. The imperial ladies adorned themselves with glittering gems-diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, solid gold and surprisingly luxurious pearls. Be it brooches, tiaras, necklaces, pendants or bracelets, valuable and exceptional jewelry had become one of the preferred ways of articulating ones standing in the society.  These ornate jewels served as the inspiration to my new pattern collection called Crown Jewels.

Crown Jewels - New Pattern Design

New Design - Pattern Love

New Design - Pattern Love