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Note to self

Note to self

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Take a chance...

(what is the worst that can happen?!)

It's not too often in life that you get to reinvent yourself.  The chance to make a dramatic change are few and far between...

I used to think so, but the reality is, a life changing opportunity is one that you create for yourself, by taking that leap of faith.  It's up to you (me) and you (me) alone.

Sound scary? Perhaps at first.  Believe in yourself, in what you want to achieve and take that next step. 

The unknown is waiting to be discovered.  Soon you too will realize that your fear has allowed you to take steps that only a year ago seemed impossible. 

My fears:

1) Going back to school after 20 something years (Loving it!)

2) Starting a new business and launching my first web site (Yay for me!)   

What are your fears?

A Little Goes A Long Way