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Typography is everywhere - just look around.  Type is in the products that we buy everyday, and is featured in almost everything you see that hopes to communicate a message.


Great font selection is critical to good design and can make or break the message you are trying to convey.  Well thought out typography can help tell (sell) your "story" and if done effectively, good type is something you hardly notice at all .

 "Type should be seen and not heard"

The examples above are from two wildly popular television shows.  These fonts were used in the creation of the series name.  Do you recognize the style? What feeling/attitude do you get? Is it appropriate for the subject matter? 

T.G.I.F - Challenge!!!!  A free 2014 Haiku Calendar will be awarded to the first person who can correctly identify both fonts/series name.  Please post in the comments fields. 

Good luck! 




Society 6

A Little Goes A Long Way