Discover - Waxed Canvas


I love to work with waxed canvas! Not familiar with this all natural material? Here’s a quick primer on all you need to know -

  • Waxed canvas is a durable, multi-purpose canvas with a very tight plied-yarn weave construction making it very strong and resistant to tearing.

  • The refined wax finish provides an additional layer of protection from rain, and moisture. It is not water proof but water resistant

  • Waxed canvas will naturally get scratched and distressed which only adds to its overall beauty - fully waxed canvas wears like leather; it will age and patina beautifully

  • Waxed canvas is vegan and is much more environmentally friendly than most other vegan leather substitutes.

  • The accidental history of waxed canvas is fascinating - originally “developed” by the British navy, 15th century sailors discovered waxed canvas by rubbing oil into sail cloth impregnating the fibers with a wind and waterproof material

NatureMade Color

Colors can instantaneously change our moods and alter our opinions- they can make us comfortable, put us in a state of awe, or get us excited.  Color combinations found in nature can engage and inspire.  

Mother Nature is the ultimate color expert-she creates schemes that range from subtle to breathtaking that are always pleasing to our eye. One of the easiest places to find color inspirations is in our natural environment.

As part of my own exploration into what makes good graphic design, I would be remiss if I did not include the art of color selection/pairing.  The included color palettes are not generated by any "color picker" or software program but rather the result of my own trained eye. (or untrained depending on your opinion)  I have chosen a range of colors which I find to be the most pleasing and instinctively seem to pair well together.  Enjoy!