Inspiration - Thankful for YOU!

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I am so very thankful for all your support and encouragement. My journey is continuing to evolve, there are exciting changes ahead for 2019 which will unfold as the new year begins. It's not easy running a small creative business. There is no roadmap - most of the time I'm "winging it" hoping to figure it out as I go. I appreciate each and every one of you. "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. XXOO Sarah

Inspiration - Today's Public Service Announcement


With the pressures of the holiday season approaching, today's "public service announcement" is BE KIND TO YOURSELF

-Halfway to work you realize you left all the house lights on. Yesterday you forgot to make your kids lunch, you didn't even remember lunch money! Traffic is horrible and you're late to your meeting (again!)

Are you in a constant state of "rushing"? Do you feel inadequate and/or frustrated because you are unable to complete all of the items on your "To Do" list?

Instead of focusing on what you were not able to do, take a deep breath, slow down and celebrate all the things you were able to complete!

These victories, especially the tiny wins often go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Stop being relentlessly hard on yourself.

-You made it to the gym this week - not once but twice! You ate a healthy breakfast and managed to grab a fruit snack instead of the office pastry/doughnut. You made time for a friend who is going thru a tough period.

Take a moment to remind yourself that it's OK - you're doing a great job!

Discover - "I can't draw"

"I can't draw” - Perhaps this was you at some point during your youth. As we transition from an adolescent to teenager something happens that makes most of us, shy away from drawing, worried our skills will not measure up. We begin to judge our drawings from the culturally limiting framework that drawing is "Art" and art is "reserved" for artistic and creative types.

Mistaking drawing for art is embedded in our way of thinking thus as a society we seem to be missing the point. Drawing is a way of observing the world around us.

Drawing makes us slow down, be patient and pay attention. The author DB Dowd argues "We have misfiled the significance of drawing because we see it as a professional skill instead of a personal capacity."

The truth is, anyone can draw - drawing is nothing more than mark making (i.e. doodling) Drawing is our way of documenting what we see, it does not need to fit any specific style, after all you are just putting pencil to paper.

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News - #100dayproject

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Every year I like to challenge myself to one project which intentionally pushes the boundary of my skills. This year I embarked on a #100dayproject where I committed to drawing in a sketchbook for 100 days and agreed to share "the good and the bad" on Instagram.

I do not consider myself someone who is "good at drawing" I am intimidated by the proverbial "blank page" especially in a sketchbook where your marks are permanent (of course you can rip out and the prospect of sharing my work which is "less than perfect" left me feeling hugely vulnerable. However setting fear aside, I took the leap and for the most part I enjoyed the test.

I discovered 100 days is a tad to long for my attention span, I actually completed 95 days (and not necessarily consecutive days, although never had more than a 2 day gap) Yup only 5 days shy of finishing and I totally lost interest, what can I say...(big shoulder shrug)

I started this project back in March and (mostly) finished up in early July. I thought you might enjoy learning a bit about my final experience. Above are a few of my favorites

News - In Pursuit of a Hobby

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What is your hobby? Do you make a practice of regularly scheduling time to pursue it?

I read an interesting article recently about the pursuit of hobbies. There are many health benefits to having a hobby including making friends, building confidence and developing creativity. Hobbies bring us joy in ways not possible with our work. In the article, the author makes an argument for having a hobby which is different and separate from your job.

This can be especially difficult for a creative person as the two activities often blend into each other. Making it more challenging is the expectation that everything you "do/make/create" should be monetized. This attitude is perpetuated by today's entrepreneurial culture where anyone can work from home and can profit from their own unique "thing". By monetizing our hobby we change our relationship with it, it is no longer pursued for the simple joy of it thus distorting our reason for doing it in the first place.

I spend my days creating items/art almost always with the intention to sell some form of it. I might sketch a new series of floral elements, place those into a pattern which I then hope to license. OR I carve a new block (from one of the elements mentioned earlier) the resulting design is printed on fabric which I cut/sew into products I sell. And so on....

As a full-time artist, my biggest challenge would be to find the time to actually separate play from what is now my job and being able to make the distinction between the two.

Design - New Patterns

The above patterns represent a different direction for me. I have always shied away from character drawings. Getting the proportions and facial expressions "correct" was a source of intimidation, I was never happy with the results. To challenge myself, I embarked on a small side project to practice drawing subjects that are outside my comfort zone, with each attempt I found myself more focused on figure drawing. I hope to continue this new series called " Ladies Who..." So far I have developed "Ladies Who Swim" "Ladies Who Bike" and "Ladies Who Golf"
As a side note, my "Ladies Who Golf" pattern elicited comments on social media to the effect that my design was not racially diverse, my ladies were all white. It never occurred to me to draw politically correct figures, I draw what I know. I play in a golf league and I do not believe there are any women of color in our group - not by design, it's just the way it is.

That said, I am open to suggestions and appreciate feedback, the remark got me thinking..perhaps my designs would be more universally appealing if I were to include more women of color. My latest pattern, "Ladies Who Tennis" is the result of that experience.  


Inspiration - #52weeksofprint

When I first started my year long project #52weeksofprint, it never occurred to me that I would experience periods of boredom and would feel unmotivated. The month of July was a struggle to complete.

I've realized I was uninspired by this month theme "Shapes". Oddly enough I was excited when I first selected the prompt for the month but as I actually sat down to create, I felt nothing.

To combat this boredom, I found other more interesting creative projects on which to focus. I suppose it's normal to experience moments where ideas just flow and others where a blank page endlessly stares back at you. Make no mistake, I was plenty creative and was able to accomplish a lot however my energy towards #52weeksofprint was waning.  

In addition to not "feeling" this month theme perhaps to some degree, I have learned all there is to learn. That is to say, I've learned all I am able to teach myself.

I have been using a soft-cut rubber material for all of my carvings. I know there is only so much detail you can carve with this particular medium. I should perhaps as the project continues, look into carving more complex designs using linoleum. Linoleum will allow much finer detail plus I can explore new tools which are required to be successful with this type of block.

Finally, I am already beginning to explore screen printing and love it. I think I will redefine the original scope of my project by expanding it to include more complex designs using linoleum as well as screen printing. These two medium may require a bit more time to complete so rather than creating a new design every week, I will allow 2-3 weeks for each depending on the actual design and printing technique.

The beauty of creating you own project, is that you get to change the "rules" You can follow along on Instagram for daily updates.


Inspiration - Exercise Fail

I did not meet my exercise goals for the month of July - no big deal right? I've missed a few exercise "dates" before however for the month of July I did nothing! Zero. Zilch. So what happened.....

Truth, I got sick the last week of June, and was in bed for 4 days. I did not "bounce" right back into my exercise routing simply because it's something I do not enjoy doing in the first place. It's a constant struggle to convince myself almost every time to push thru and "just do it."

I had hoped I would have learned to enjoy exercise at this point, but that is not the case. I understand and appreciate the health benefits, and acknowledge I actually feel better afterwards, not just mentally for having finished but physically as well.

However I am at odds with exercise and have come to realize I will probably never like it.  The biggest irony of course is I was a "star" athlete all throughout high school and in college. I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie, something which is lacking when you exercise alone.

I finally talked myself into getting "back on the wagon" and guess elliptical machine is broken! I know...seriously I thought perhaps it needed new batteries for the display unit but that did not fix the issue. 

So what's the "fix"? Since I enjoy a team/group environment and my elliptical was starting to get a bit boring (and now it's broken anyway...) perhaps it's time I ventured into taking a class somewhere. It's been about 4 years since I last took a yoga class, not sure why I stopped but I'm ready to give it another try. For August I will find a yoga class that will allow me to drop in 3 times a week.

So what happens when you fail? For me at least, you try again. Figure out what was not working and adjust accordingly. You learn to forgive yourself and move on. Stay tuned for next months email newsletter where I will post an update.


Inspiration - What if you did'nt quit

NEW - Swim wear inspired patterns available for license

NEW - Swim wear inspired patterns available for license

What if you didn't quit? If there is one thing "universally true" about human nature, it is that we tend to give up to quickly. It's far easier to just "throw in the towel" especially as compared to doing the actual work.

The emotional ups and downs in search of success, can be enough to derail anyone from their intended path. Just remember, the only steps that really matter are those which allow forward progress. The key is to give yourself a break - recognize and acknowledge all your small accomplishments along the way. Eventually you will have achieved some measure of success on a larger scale.

It’s easier to give up. So we do.

But what if you didn’t?

Who knows where you could be or what you could be enjoying, doing, creating, savoring—five, ten, or fifteen years down the road.... if only you didn't quit.

Decide today to keep going.


Discover - A Moroccan Tea Ceremony

This past New Years Day I was able to relax with my friends and family by celebrating with a Moroccan Tea Ceremony. Although the ceremony was somewhat modified because I was lacking a proper bred (the round-bellied metal or cast iron teapot) we were able to "Make It Work" (in your best Tim Gunn voice) 

In early 2018 (I know-it's a ways off...) I am planning a trip to Spain and Morocco with my friend Bonnie. This is our "bucket-list" trip - something it seems we have been talking about for the past 2 years! It's now getting a bit closer to a reality. We met over tea to discuss the timing of our trip, how long we wish to travel and to which exotic destinations. We decided to work with a travel agent to firm up details and an itinerary, I will share more once things are settled.

The tea ceremony was fun and something anyone can do at home with a bit of planning ahead.

The Ingredients

  • Loose Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea
  • Fresh Bunches of Mint
  • Cane Sugar
  • Tea Pot
  • A Tea Ball Infuser
  • Tea Kettle
  • Tea Glasses

The Snacks

  • Salted Almonds
  • Sugared Pecans
  • Dried Apricots
  • Medjool Dates
  • Almond Flavored Cookies
  • Fresh Peeled Orange Sections

The Ceremony

Boil approx 4 cups of water over stove in tea kettle

Put 2 teaspoons of loose tea into tea ball infuser, set inside tea pot

Pour out 1/4 cup of boiling water into tea pot, just enough to cover the tea ball. Let seep 5 minutes. Discard this water. This step is to "clean" the loose tea leaves.

Pour out 1/4 cup of boiling water into tea pot, again just enough to cover the tea ball. Let seep 5 minutes. Pour this water into one of the tea glasses and set aside.

Pour out 1/4 cup boiling water into tea pot, this will be the 3rd time, cover the tea ball with water and let sit another 5 minutes. Discard this water. Return the tea water from the 2nd pouring (in glass) back into the tea pot. 

Add mint leaves to fill inside of tea pot. Pour in remaining boiling water. Make sure the mint leaves are covered so as not to "burn" and turn black. This will make for a very bitter taste.

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar. Let tea, water, mint and sugar sit

To blend all of the flavors, begin by pouring a full glass of tea, return it to the tea pot. Do this three times. This will make sure all of the ingredients are properly mixed. Remember to start your pour from the rim of the glass and slowly raise the tea pot higher as you pour. 

The pouring the tea high above the glass allows the tea to “breathe” the oxygen and develop its full minty flavor. The ceremony of pouring from a distance in general needs a bit of practice, to make sure not to miss the glass, I suggest using a serving tray underneath your tea glasses.